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Oversized Tote Bags

Embark on weekend adventures with flair with a beautiful tote bag that’s functional and inspirational.. Each girl handbag is adorned with motivational quotes, aligning with the Girl Power 24/7 spirit of boldness and beauty. Perfect for any getaway, these large stylish weekender bags are not just accessories—they're powerful statements of self-expression and encouragement, designed to uplift every moment of your journey.

Inspirational Tote Bags for Any Occasion

Jet-set or jaunt to the gym with an empowering tote bag, graced with bold mantras like "Outdream Yourself", "Leave Room for Magic", and "Exist Loudly". Ideal for sun-soaked beach trips or lively city excursions, our oversized tote bags do more than carry essentials—they echo your vivacity. With each design serving as a vibrant reminder of your brilliance, these totes aren't just accessories; they're declarations of a life lived fully and fiercely.

What to Pair With Your Bag

Girl Power 24/7 offers more than just girly handbags; our universe is full of inspiring home decor, apparel, and accessories. Brighten your day with shower curtains that infuse your morning with light and wall decals that turn corners into havens of inspiration. Let our motivational stationery elevate your thoughts, and our affirming apparel boost your confidence. From specially curated items to practical oversized tote bags, we celebrate empowerment, carrying your dreams and essentials on the voyage to your best self.

Girl Power 24/7’s Mission

Girl Power 24/7 is dedicated to uplifting women with every product we create. Our tote bags are more than just accessories – they're reminders of strength for every day. We aim to empower women on their personal journeys with items that are simple yet meaningful. Each inspirational tote bag is designed to be a companion in the journey towards self-confidence and happiness, making the everyday a little more extraordinary.

Stay in Touch

Discover our mission to empower women at Girl Power 24/7. Every product, every quote, and every moment is crafted to inspire and uplift. Join us on a journey of empowerment—anytime, anywhere. Learn about our story, and connect with a community that inspires you 24/7 on Facebook & Instagram.