About Girl Power 24/7

The Heart of Girl Power 24/7

Hi, I’m Ericka Axtle-Ludwig, the founder and Chief Motivational Designer of this vibrant sanctuary.

My passion is to craft not just products, but daily affirmations in the form of artful treasures. Here at Girl Power 24/7, we're all about creating that spark through motivational wall art decor and accessories that don't just sit pretty—they resonate with the fierce warrior in each of us.

As a woman, an immigrant, and a proud minority business owner, I've navigated paths less traveled, turned challenges into stepping stones, and learned that our differences are our superpowers. It's these experiences that fuel my desire to create a space where every woman can find her spark and fan it into a flame.

I hope my designs become a part of your world, inspiring you to conquer, to smile, and to rise above. From the little girl dreaming big dreams to the unstoppable woman making them a reality, our creations are for you—for every version of you.

With each design and every inspirational quote, I'm on a mission to weave strength, courage, and joy into the fabric of your everyday life. Because you, gorgeous, deserve to be surrounded by beauty that mirrors your inner light.

Welcome to our sparkling corner, where you can celebrate your inner greatness.

Founder's Inspirational Office

Behind Every Design: The "Why" of Girl Power 24/7

Girl Power 24/7 blossomed from a vision to craft a realm where every piece of decor and every product is a catalyst for transformation—turning spaces into sanctuaries that sing to your soul. I believe in the transformative power of surrounding oneself with beauty and inspiration. It's about more than aesthetics; it's about awakening the mighty force within every woman and girl.

Our creations are more than just objects; they are lovingly infused with the essence of empowerment and the spirit of resilience. They are conversation starters with your inner self, daily affirmations that remind you of your limitless potential and the beauty of your journey.

Each quote and affirmation resonates with the heartbeat of encouragement, designed to uplift and infuse your environment with the kind of positive energy that propels you to thrive.

Crafted with devotion, our range is a tribute to you—the dreamers, the doers, the believers. Made by a woman who understands the depths of your strength, these designs are my love letters to the power you hold within.

Let's adorn our lives with the essence of Girl Power 24/7 and remember the fire we possess when we look at our motivational and uplifting designs.

Spark Your Inner Fire With Girl Power 24/7

What an exhilarating time to be you—to be a woman in full bloom. This is your moment to radiate, to share your intrinsic feminine light that the world so dearly needs.

Embrace the power of you and the inspiration that resides within you.

Wishing light, love, and the power of inspiration to you always!

Ericka Axtle-Ludwig