About Us

Hi, I am Ericka Axtle-Ludwig. I am the Owner and Chief Motivational Designer for Girl Power 24/7. 

I love designing motivational wall art décor that can empower, uplift and inspire women of all ages from all over the world.

www.GirlPower247.com was created as my magical portal to Motivational Wall Décor & Dynamic Physical Products to help women and girls beautify their environments, boosting self-esteem while elevating through encouragement. 

Our products are made with so much love, passion, and heart connecting to your power to create and thrive!

Full of empowering quotes and affirmations to fill your life with beauty, positive energy, and possibility that I know they will connect with you and ignite a fire deep inside of your own heart.

Made for all you women out there, by a woman that sees and knows the power you have within you.

Being a woman, an immigrant, and a minority business owner has really reinforced in me that if you can embrace your own uniqueness and spark your inner confidence, I know you can make your own individual impact on the world. I want to pass that message on to all women through my inspirationally designed products.

I believe it’s such an inspiring, empowering time to be a woman. And now more than ever we all together can bless the world with our feminine light that we have in us.

Wishing light, love, and beautiful wall décor to you, always.

May your dreams lead you always!

Ericka Axtle-Ludwig