Ericka’s Signature Top Product Picks

Woman in red shirt stands in front of motivational black and white wallpaper

Welcome to "Ericka’s Top Picks," a carefully curated collection from the heart of our woman-owned venture, Girl Power 24/7. As the founder, I’m passionate about creating motivational home decor that inspires and uplifts women every moment of the day. Each piece, from vibrant wallpapers to empowering journals, is personally selected to ignite your inner strength and foster a sense of achievement. Born from my daily practices of self-affirmation and empowerment, these designs are more than decor; they're daily reminders of your limitless potential. Dive into my favorites and see how these motivational treasures can transform your space and spirit, embodying the essence of a woman’s touch and the power of 24/7 motivation in every detail.


Surround yourself with inspiration in every corner with our woman-owned brand, featuring our Girl Power Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Be Unstoppable, showcased in my office. Adorned with over 50 empowering quotes and affirmations, each piece blends beautiful fonts and feminine imagery, designed to inspire around the clock. This isn’t just home decor—it’s a daily dose of empowerment, echoing the 24/7 concept that defines our mission. Let every glance remind you of your endless potential. Transform any space into a sanctuary of motivation and beauty, where every detail speaks to the heart of empowerment.

Woman in pink shirt and blue jeans stands on ladder in front of wallpaper


Stay hyped for all your activities, and dive into a world of motivation with our woman-owned brand's apparel line, specially selected by Ericka to fuel your inner fire and sharpen your focus. Our range, featuring everything from sleek hoodies and sports bras to versatile tanks and leggings, is more than just clothing—it's a statement of empowerment and endurance. Highlighting Ericka's favorites, the “Girl Power 24/7 Crossover Leggings With Pockets - Be Unstoppable in Black", embodies the essence of our mission. These aren't ordinary leggings; they're a testament to feminine strength and resilience, inspired by the spirit of motivational home decor that Girl Power 24/7 is renowned for. Adorned with uplifting quotes from our signature Girl Power 24/7™ Peel & Stick Motivational Wallpaper, each piece encourages, uplifts, and inspires, aligning perfectly with your goals. Crafted for superior comfort and style, these leggings feature a high-waisted cut, side pockets, and a fabric that moves with you. Wear them to the gym, yoga, or out and about, and embrace the power of being bold, being you, and being unstoppable with every wear.

Black leggings with motivational quotes in white script


Discover a treasure trove of inspirational accessories from our woman-owned brand, designed to accompany you on every adventure with a dose of motivation. Our range extends from empowering tote bags and inspirational yoga mats to uplifting tech accessories, all infused with the spirit of motivational home decor. Each piece marries functionality with a burst of inspiration, crafted to echo your determination and enhance your daily rituals with style and purpose.

Ericka's top choice, the Inspirational Fun Chick Weekender Bag - “Bloom Where You Are Planted”, symbolizes more than just a travel essential. This oversized, durable tote is your perfect companion for any getaway, offering ample space for your belongings while being easy to carry with its sturdy rope handles. Inspired by our "Fun Chic" Peel & Stick Wallpaper, the bag showcases stylish women adorned in wildflower dresses, embodying confidence and joy, and features the uplifting quote "Bloom Where You Are Planted" as a constant reminder of resilience and empowerment.

Embrace every moment with accessories from a woman-owned brand that reflect your inner strength and ambition. Be bold, be you, be unstoppable.

A white handbag with feminine figures in front of the beach


Elevate every sip with Girl Power 24/7's motivational drinkware collection. Each piece, From stylish water bottles adorned with empowering quotes to elegant mugs, is crafted to inspire with every sip. Ericka's top pick, the Girl Boss Motivational Stainless Steel Water Bottle, stands out with its unique blend of functionality and inspiration. Featuring beautiful fonts with a gold rose effect and 5D printing that brings each empowering quote to life, this bottle is a testament to strength and elegance. Ideal for any occasion, it serves as a chic affirmation of your inner strength. Complement it with our Motivational Sports Apparel for a truly empowered lifestyle. Designed with passion in the USA, let this drinkware inspire your day, your workouts, and your journey.

Pair it with Inspirational Sports Wear from our woman-owned brand to fully embrace an empowered way of living. Lovingly designed in the USA, allow this drinkware to elevate your daily routine, enhance your fitness sessions, and inspire your personal journey.

A white water bottle with pink motivational quotes


Empower Your Words: Explore our exquisite range of inspirational stationery, featuring journals and the Girl Power 24/7 Motivational Metal Pen Set, handpicked by Ericka to boost your journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Adorned with phrases like "Manifest it", "Be Unstoppable", and "Girl Power 24/7", these pens are not just tools but beacons of motivation, designed to inspire every word you write. Perfectly complementing our journals filled with uplifting quotes, this collection is your ally in setting goals and embracing positivity. Pair them with our beautiful journals for a complete inspirational experience, all lovingly designed in the USA.

pink and white pens with gold motivational sayings

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Dive into the heart of Girl Power 24/7, a woman-owned brand dedicated to empowering and uplifting women through motivational home decor and accessories. Our mission is to inspire strength, confidence, and positivity in every woman's life, 24/7. Each product, from inspirational journals to empowering apparel, is thoughtfully designed to encourage personal growth and celebrate female resilience. Join us in embracing the power of positivity and transforming everyday moments into opportunities for motivation and empowerment.

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