A Pretty Tote Bag for Stylish Getaways 

Chic, roomy, and infused with a touch of motivation, our Weekender Bag encapsulates the essence of effortless style for any getaway. Meticulously crafted from durable materials, it's your go-to bag for those spontaneous jaunts around town.

The benefits of a tote bag shine through in its versatility and convenience. Perfect for business trips, leisurely vacations, or overnight stays, its ample space and sturdy rope handles ensure all your necessities are stylishly tucked away. Travel with ease and a flair of empowerment, knowing this tote isn't just a bag—it's a statement of your dynamic lifestyle.

Weekender Bag - Girl Boss - White

Motivational Weekender bag with quotes and affirmations
Inspirational weekender with quotes and affirmations

Motivation in Every Stitch

For the girl boss on the go, our Weekender Bag is more than just a pretty tote bag; it's a symbol of style meeting strength. Compact yet spacious, it’s crafted to carry all your essentials with ease. Durable, chic, and functional, it's the perfect companion for the fashionable and resilient, making every journey an elegant statement of your boss lady spirit.

Empowering Journeys

Embrace your boss lady aura with our Weekender Bag, a blend of motivation and style. Featuring over 50+ inspirational quotes and affirmations. Inspired by the mantra “Make an Impact!” "Believe in Your Own Power and Dreams”, it adds an empowering spark to every venture, reminding you to own your unique path with confidence.

This bag combines all the benefits of a tote bag with a dash of chic, perfectly aligning with your dynamic lifestyle. It keeps you organized and fashionably on point, ensuring you stride through life's adventures with elegance and determination.

Style on the Go

Step out as the ultimate boss girl with our fashion-forward yet practical bag. More than just a utility, it's a statement piece for every endeavor. Whether you're heading to the beach, exploring the city, or embarking on a chic journey, this pretty tote bag is your perfect partner. It's designed to accompany you on all life's adventures, ensuring you always carry your essentials in style.


  • 100% Spun Polyester
  • T-bottom
  • Cream sheeting interior lining
  • Rope handles (27" long, cream=colored rope handles fed through gold metal grommets)
  • One size: 24" x13" (60.9 cm x 33 cm)
  • Designed with love in the USA
Motivational Weekender bag with quotes and affirmations
Inspirational weekender with quotes and affirmations

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