Top 10 Gifts For Mom This Mother's Day

Top 10 Gifts For Mom This Mother's Day

Moms are the real superheroes, but they often spend so much time thinking of others that they forget to take a few minutes for themselves.

Mother’s Day is your chance to give her a small token of your appreciation for all the love and support she’s given you over the years. It might not measure up to everything she does for you, but she deserves to feel special!

If you’re looking for gifts for a mom who doesn’t want anything, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 Mother’s Day gifts for 2024.


She Believed She Could So She Did Gold Coffee Mug

1. Inspirational Mug

It seems like just about every list of gift ideas includes a new coffee mug, but this is your chance to do something different. Instead of the same old “Mom” mug, why not an inspirational mug that expresses how much you believe in her?

Both the style and sentiment of our gold embellished mug will be an empowering addition to any morning routine. Gold hand lettering on both sides reads “She believed she could, so she did”—an inspiring affirmation at any time of day! And because it holds a full 16 ounces of your mom’s favorite caffeinated beverage, she’ll be able to do anything she puts her mind to!


2. Slippers

Whether she commutes to an office or keeps things running at home, your mom works hard to support those she loves. And after a long day, there’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch with some super soft slippers and a cup of tea (or glass of wine)!

While you can find cozy slippers in a wide array of colors and styles, you can’t go wrong with a pair that celebrates her most honored role as “mom.”


3. Birth Flower Necklace

Jewelry makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, as it allows her to express her personality while also thinking of you every time she wears it. However, feel free to think beyond the typical birthstone and name jewelry.

A birth flower necklace is a lovely statement piece that will add a feminine touch to any outfit. Styles featuring dried flowers are perfect for a more natural look, while a gold charm style is ideal for moms with a touch of glam.

4. Potted Flower Bulb

If your mom loves to garden, you already know there’s no better gift than plants. Show your appreciation for her green thumb with a potted flower bulb!

Flower bulbs—such as tulip, amaryllis, crocus, daffodil, and hyacinth—are easy to grow indoors and add a cheerful pop of color to any décor. As the plant sprouts and blooms into a full-grown blossom, she’ll be reminded of you every time she sees it.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

Anything that allows your mom to take a few minutes to herself is an excellent gift! We love essential oil diffusers as an easy way to infuse your day with a relaxing scent.

If she has a nearby outlet, a nebulizing model has great throw and often has a soothing light feature that imitates a candle. If not, you can find plenty of evaporative diffusers made of felt, terra cotta, or concrete.

6. Personalized Baking Dish

If you have a mom who enjoys cooking or baking, she likely has plenty of utensils and scone mixes. A better gift option? A personalized glass baking dish!

She’ll be the envy of any bake sale, potluck, or dinner party and everyone in attendance will know exactly who to thank for the delicious treats on offer.


A white handbag with feminine figures in front of the beach

7. Stylish Tote Bag

Your mom is going places—literally! Whether it’s running errands or going on a weekend getaway, she has places to be. Doesn’t she deserve to do it all in style?

Our Weekender Bag is a great gift for the mom who is always on-the-go! The chic, cheerful design will evoke memories of spring while also inspiring her to “bloom where she’s planted.”


8. Personalized Tumbler

Everyone loves a good stainless steel tumbler! Not only do they help you stay hydrated, they’re great at keeping your favorite drink at the perfect temperature while you go about your day.

However, your mom deserves a little more luxury in her daily life. A personalized tumbler is a practical, unique gift that everyone will admire.


9. Wireless Charger

From smartphones to tablets, it takes a lot of tech to keep your mom organized and working. That’s why the perfect gift for work moms (or moms who work) is an inspirational wireless charger for all her devices.

Every time she needs to recharge, a message will remind her to “Get Glowing” and spread her magic throughout the world.


10. Kindle Case

If your mom is a bookworm, she probably loves reading on her Kindle! But that also means that she doesn’t really need bookmarks and other accessories. Instead, a stylish Kindle case will keep her E-reader safe while also allowing her to express her style.

Even better news? There are plenty of options to choose from, including versions that look like a physical book.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be hard, especially when you have an incredible mom who deserves the world. That’s why we think the best mom gifts are the ones that remind her how unstoppable she is.

At Girl Power 24/7, we are committed to helping girls and women of all ages find their inner strength so they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Our product line is not only about offering practical and decorative solutions, it’s about finding the confidence to let your light shine.

Take a look at our full product line for more inspiration!

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