Graduation Gifts For Her

Graduation Gifts For Her

When you have a special woman in your life, you want to celebrate their every accomplishment, and there are few occasions better than a graduation!

A lot of hard work has gone into her education and whether she’s graduating from high school or college, this moment deserves to be celebrated in a big way.

Whether she’s moving on to college or starting her new career, here are 15 inspirational graduation gift ideas that any woman in your life is sure to love.

Be Unstoppable water bottle

1. Water Bottle

Whether she’s running between classes or attending board meetings, your grad needs to stay hydrated with her favorite cold drink. But instead of getting her the same Stanley cup as everyone else, give her something that will inspire her every time she sips.

Our Girl Power 24/7 “Be Unstoppable” water bottle, filled with over 50 quotes and affirmations is a daily reminder for her to let her light shine, share her voice, and change the world.

Blue leather business card holder

2. Business Card Holder

Landing her first position in her new career is always exciting! Make the occasion feel more official with a nice business card holder.

If she has a desk in a nice corner office, choose a style that’s fit for display. If she’ll be attending lots of networking events and client meetings, a more portable version will help her stay connected and build important relationships.

woman holding coffee while listening to headphones

3. Noise Canceling Headphones

Every once in a while, every woman needs to shut out the noise and retreat into her own world with her favorite music—especially if she finds herself with lots of downtime or a noisy commute on public transportation.

A set of noise canceling headphones is a gift that she’ll appreciate for years to come. Feel free to splurge on a high-end set, but there are also options under $100 with excellent reviews.

Make an Impact hardcover journal with girl boss pen set

4. Notebook

From taking important notes to writing down her goals, notebooks are always useful! Our Girl Boss Make An Impact! hardcover journal is designed to also provide a boost of inspiration.

The 75 lined pages are perforated so she can easily remove, share, or display her notes and the cover is filled with more than 50 inspirational quotes to ignite her girl power! Pair it with our motivational vinyl stickers to make her feel truly unstoppable.


Beautiful pens with inspirational sayings: Manifest it, Girl Power 24/7, Be Unstoppable

5. Pen Set

There’s something about a sleek metal pen that makes every idea feel important. Empower your new grad to carry that confidence everywhere she goes with our Boss Lady Pen Set.

This set of three metal pens are not only accented in gold, they are engraved with reminders to “Manifest It,” “Be Unstoppable,” and display her “Girl Power 24/7”!

woman watering potted plant in office

6. Potted Plant

No home (or cubicle) is complete without a plant or two! A nice potted plant is sure to brighten up your grad’s day and remind her to bloom wherever she’s planted.

From orchids to succulents, there are species for any level of gardener. And if she’s notorious for her “black thumb,” a faux potted plant can bring just as much joy as the real thing!

woman making coffee with french press

7. French Press

Whether she’s a coffee or tea drinker, a French press will make her morning brew that much more enjoyable. Perfect for adding a rich, full-bodied flavor to her favorite beverage, this device will also remind her to slow down and take a few quiet moments to gather her thoughts before the day.

Pair it with a gold embellished mug to give her an extra boost of confidence!

woman collecting takeout from food delivery person

8. Food Delivery Gift Card

After a busy day, nothing says “self care” like having your favorite meal delivered right to your door. A gift card to UberEats, DoorDash, or GrubHub will give her time to relax without having to worry about what’s in the fridge.

CEO hoodie

9. Hoodie

Just about every woman will agree—most offices are way too cold! Help her stave off the chill while also inspiring her to ask for that promotion with our CEO Hoodie.

Made with a super-soft cotton/poly blend, this hoodie features a large graphic that reads “CEO.” Whether she’s starting her own business or just wants to remind everyone of her career goals, this is the most inspirational way to stay warm!

Weekender bag

10. Tote Bag

Perfect for commuting to the office, heading off to class, or simply going away on a girl’s trip, a nice tote bag is a versatile gift that anyone will appreciate.

Our Weekender Bag is not only the perfect size to accompany her on her errands, it features two bold graphics that will inspire her to own her girl power! One side of our tote features the Venus symbol wearing a crown, while the other side depicts a map of the world with the message, “You are here, make it happen!

woman wearing pink robe

11. Robe

Few things can elevate your self-care routine like a nice robe! Equal parts luxurious and practical, a robe is the perfect way to start the morning or wind down at the end of a long day.

From fluffy to silky, you can find a robe in just about any texture or color, allowing you to find the perfect one to fit her needs.

basket of cozy throw blankets

12. Cozy Throw Blanket

A nice, cozy throw blanket is ideal for adding a pop of color to any room as well as cuddling up for a night of binging Netflix!

Pair it with a set of cozy slippers or as part of a self-care basket for a gift she’ll love.

food subscription kit in cardboard box

13. Food Kit Subscription

Takeout is nice occasionally, but sometimes, you just need a good, home-cooked meal.

Perfect for a budding home chef, food kit subscriptions (such as Blue Apron or HelloFresh) make it easy to prepare a delicious meal. They’re also a great way to learn how to cook, as instructions are typically easy and straightforward.

bottle of champagne in ice bucket

14. Champagne

Nothing says “congratulations” like a nice bottle of bubbly!

If your grad is over 21, a bottle of champagne is a great way to add some sparkle to her celebration. After all, graduating from college is a huge accomplishment!

Unstoppable Women Overcoming Mediocrecity Front and back book

15. Unstoppable Women Book

Inspired by the unstoppable woman in each of us, Unstoppable Women Overcoming Mediocrity is filled with stories of real women who have turned their dreams into reality and built a life of significance.

With every page, she’ll be inspired to create her own amazing life and achieve her dreams!



Whether she’s graduating from high school, college, or postgraduate studies, graduation is always an occasion for celebrating the power of women and the incredible strength they bring to the world.

At Girl Power 24/7, we’re all about helping women all over the world find the courage and passion to live the life they’ve always dreamed. Our product line is not just about providing practical and decorative solutions, it’s about inspiring the women around us to let their lights shine!

Take a look at our full product line for more graduation gift ideas!

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