How To Plan the Ultimate Girls' Weekend Getaway

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Whether you’re celebrating an achievement or just taking a break, there are few things more invigorating than a girls’ weekend getaway!

Your girlfriends have been there for you through thick and thin, and spending time together in a fun destination is one of the best ways to bond and encourage each other to set (and reach) new goals.

So gather up your sorority sisters, book club, or mom group and start planning the ultimate girls’ weekend getaway for summer.

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How To Plan a Girls’ Weekend Getaway

Getting everyone excited about the upcoming trip is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what to do!

Making plans around different personalities and schedules can be challenging, especially when you’re only away for a few days. Here are some tips for planning a girls' trip that everyone will enjoy.

1. Set an Intention

Are you guys in need of a little R&R or do you need to blow off some steam? Are you celebrating one person or just enjoying time together? Is this an excuse to get dolled up and hit the town or to spend the weekend in your PJs?

Setting an intention will make it easier to plan activities and create an itinerary that will fill everyone’s cup.

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2. Agree On a Budget

Girls’ trips aren’t as fun if you have to go into debt to afford them!

Before you get too deep into planning, get a feel for everyone’s budget. After all, you want everyone to be included and it wouldn’t be fair if some of your besties can’t join you. Don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to plan a weekend getaway that doesn’t break the bank!

3. Provide Clear Choices

We all know how hard it is to get a group of people to agree on something. And the more people are involved, the harder it is to make a decision.

If you’re organizing the weekend, present clear choices (“Palm Beach or Portland?”) rather than asking an open-ended question (“What do you guys want to do?”).

4. Don’t Overdo It

While it’s tempting to max out your itinerary, the real point of the weekend is to have fun and spend time together. Leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the activities you planned without tiring everyone out.

Aim for 1-2 activities a day and be mindful of everyone’s energy levels. If everyone’s really tired, one of the activities can be a nap!

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5. Be Flexible

Remember: plans (and moods) will change. Instead of creating a strict minute-by-minute schedule, book one big event (such as fancy dinner reservations or a trip to the spa) and have a list of suggested activities.

This allows you to change gears if you have less (or more!) time than you thought.


Uplifting Activities

Even if the point of the weekend is to relax, it’s still a good idea to have a few activities planned (even if it’s just a movie marathon).

Here are a few activities that are perfect for promoting inspiration, relaxation, and bonding.

1. Spa

A day at the spa is a great way to relax and unwind while getting some much-needed bonding time with your girlfriends. If the budget allows, visit a nice spa and enjoy the sauna. If not, an at-home version can be as relaxing as the real thing.

2. Concert

You don’t necessarily have to buy tickets to see Taylor Swift (although you certainly can!). Even listening to live music at a local venue can create the ideal atmosphere for an uplifting evening.

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3. Wine Tasting

Do you prefer Chardonnay or Merlot? Now is the time to find out! If there aren’t any wineries nearby, pick up a few bottles at the grocery store and host your own. (Don’t for the charcuterie board!)

4. Nature Walk

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Vegas or Virginia, every destination boasts the beauties of nature. Take a quick hike, go stargazing, or spend some time at the beach to soak in the benefits of the Great Outdoors.

5. Sightseeing

Find the main attraction and play tourists for the day. Perhaps there’s a fascinating museum or historical site. Maybe you prefer a trip to a theme park or zoo. Either way, find out what makes your weekend getaway destination special.

6. Yoga

If the group is into fitness or wellness, a good yoga session can leave you feeling revitalized and invigorated. Attend a local class, hire a private instructor, or even put on a YouTube tutorial.

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7. Crafting

The act of creation can be incredibly inspiring! “Paint and sip” studios are popular, but just about anything fits the bill. Make greeting cards, braid friendship bracelets, or even put together a small LEGO set. The options are endless!

8. Thrifting

Thrifting is an affordable way to get a one-of-a-kind souvenir of your weekend getaway! From clothes to home décor, everyone is sure to find a new treasure.

9. Private Chef

You spent a long time picking out a great vacation rental with room for everyone. Make sure you spend some time enjoying it! Instead of going out to a fancy dinner, hire a private chef and bring the restaurant to you.

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10. Dancing

Even if it’s been a while since you last hit the dance floor, nothing beats going dancing with your closest friends.


Bon Voyage!

Quality time is such a key part of building strong female friendships, but our busy schedules can make this difficult. Planning a girls’ weekend is a way to prioritize these relationships so you can also continue to support each other.

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